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We are able to offer you a top quality professional service covering the full range of tanker chartering activities such as:

  • markets analysis

  • time/bareboat charters;

  • voyage charters

  • contracts of affreightment;

  • projects.

Furthermore, thanks to our many links with other providers of the logistic chain, we can offer you:

  • seagoing contracts combined with transhipment;

  • inland tanks shipping and/or tank storage;

  • transport via parcel tankers combined with transhipments by coaster for throughput to many destinations.

We strongly believe that it is of utmost importance to know the products for which we charter the ships, their transportation requirements, their applications and trading lines as much as the ships themselves, their owners or managers and last but not least the ports and the terminals involved in the loading and discharging operations.

Only by knowledging all these factors and with an adeguate dedication we are able to:

  • advise and guide our clients towards the most correct and cost efficient solutions.

  • create market analysis at support of our customers in their decision making process

To keep our clients updated with market trends and opportunities, we provide analysis on chemical market freights. The team produces regular market forecasts and maintains databases on tanker fixtures, freight rate assessments, vessel movements and positions, vessels specifications, new buildings on order and demolitions.