A deep and updated market knowledge is for us essential to provide an accurate and valuable service.

In Nova we try to understand needs and exigencies of our clients, knowing well the differences among the different shipping industry players: producers, traders, shipowners.

In a specialized sector as the one of chemical and gas sea carriage, brokers must understand the whole world surrounding their clients.  We strongly believe that it is of utmost importance to know the products for which we charter the ships, their transportation requirements, their applications and trading lines as much as the ships themselves, their owners or managers and last but not least the ports and the terminals involved in the loading and unloading operations.

Only by knowledge of these factors and with an adequate dedication we can advise and guide our clients towards the most correct and cost effective solutions.

How can we assist you as tanker brokers on this?

  • whatever is your cargo, we can provide the solutions you need: liquid chemicals/solvents/acids/baseoils/vegetable or edible products/biodiesel/molasses/uan petrolchemical gases/clean and dirty petroleum products including bitumen;
  • whatever is the size of your cargo, we can take care of it. We have the ability to handle it, even if we mostly focus on small/middle size vessels (upto 25/30,000 t);
  • wherever in the world you have a requirement, we are able to fix it through our strong network of close shipowners and co-brokers.

We are able to offer you a top quality professional service covering the full range of tanker chartering activities such as:

  • spot chartering;
  • time/bareboat charters;
  • contracts of affreightment;
  • projects.

Furthermore, thanks to our close links with other providers in the logistic chain, we can offer you:

  • seagoing contracts combined with transhipment;
  • inland tanks shipping and/or tankstorage;
  • transport via parceltankers combined with transhipments by coaster for throughput to many destinations.

We are sure that, being a small team directly and personally involved in the day by day bussines, we manage to provide to each of our clients personal solutions and reliable assistance.